Modern solutions in the field of financial technologies and blockchain

  • development of software products and IT solutions for financial sector;
  • implementation and maintenance of information systems using high-tech results of intellectual activity;
  • programming of smart-contracts;
  • research activities for project implementation.

Comprehensive intellectual support innovative business

  • development of internal normative documents for implementation of the blockchain technology;
  • legal support in cooperation with state bodies in launching IT projects;
  • judicial protection of business from claims complaints by regulators;
  • concept development, legal review and support of ICO and ITO;
  • preparation of White Paper for an ICO in the Russian and English languages;
  • analysis of a White Paper on legal, administrative and financial risks.

Web development and promotion

  • development and information support of sites, including development of concept;
  • website design development;
  • comprehensive promotion of websites;
  • marketing support;
  • creation of advertising and SMM campaigns.

Information security

  • protection of personal data, confidential information, business continuity;
  • preservation of databases and business-critical information within a company;
  • ensuring cybersecurity while conducting ICO.