Asset management platform

The latest asset management technology based on collective intelligence. Investors make decisions through periodic voting on the structure and proportions of the investment portfolio. The project features:

  • creation and administration of funds;
  • asset management by collective intelligence;
  • mathematical AI methods and big data to analyze the effectiveness of investment decisions and improve their quality;
  • transparency and permanence of information in management;
  • direct control of the investment process online;
  • no need to pay for management of capital and audit.

Expert voting system

Expert voting system — a unique technology platform for making collective decisions through collection, analysis and secure storage of voting results of expert community.

The ICOVoting project is successfully launched on this platform. ICOVoting — a unique tool, that assists investors in decision-making about investing assets in a particular startup on the ICO stage. The project features:

  • voting of experts and investors;
  • use of collective intelligence advantages;
  • ensuring of transparency and reliability due to the recording of all results of voting into blockchain;
  • formation of objective rating by experts.


Russian universal integration platform, uniting homeowners with the aim of collective infrastructure management of residential buildings:

  • holding of general meetings and votings on the housing and utilities field of owners online;
  • formation of package of documents based on the vote for submission to the State Housing Inspection;
  • organization of social network of homeowners for collection and exchange of information between them;
  • placement of relevant legal information in the housing and utilities field.


A technology of highly reliable biometric identification of users to conduct payment transactions. This projects is developed in cooperation with the British company UBPS with the use of biometrics under the patent of UBPS. The technology allows to combine different types of biometrics (face, fingerprint, iris, vein of palm and etc.) to create information systems with an unlimited number of users and “banking” security level. The platform offers the following services:

  • to obtain a unique identification code of the person;
  • to securely store user biometric data;
  • to search in large biometric databases;
  • to integrate the technology of biometric identification and verification of any third party application or WEB service.

Biometric Blockchain

A blockchain platform with biometric authentication and automated notary for reliable and safe handling of information. The user authentication system developed in accordance with standard “Protection of information. Technology for information protection. Automatic learning of neural transmitters biometrics-access code”.

Emission blockchain

A blockchain platform to create national and supranational currencies by governments, national banks and other issuing centres in the world. Characteristics of this platform:

  • full control over the issuance and transactions;
  • high transparency of transactions;
  • identification of transaction participants;
  • full disclosure of account holders’ data.

Automatic identification system “Property accounting”

A system for accounting of state and municipal property, accounting for the execution of property contracts, formation of analytical reports online. The aims of this project are as follows:

  • to obtain high-quality and municipal services in property and land relationships;
  • deployment and use of accounting system and property management, which provide relevant and reliable information about state and municipal property;
  • to provide information about composition, use and dynamics of changes of public property;
  • to improve the efficiency and quality of property management;
  • to create conditions that increase budget revenues through total and reliable accountancy of public property.