About the company

“FUNDERY” was founded by a team of financiers, IT specialists, lawyers and mathematicians in Russia in 2017 to implement projects in the field of digital economy and innovation.

Inspite of its youth, FUNDERY is already an active member of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), a permanent participant of Russian and international conferences, forums, working groups at the Bank of Russia and Commercial and industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The history of the company

  • december 2017 — transition of all FinTech and blockchain projects of “Rosoperator” under the FUNDERY’s responsibility;
  • september 2017 — a pilot version of FUNDERY Live was launched (a prototype of the management of medium-term investment funds based on collective intelligence);
  • 2 August 2017 — a procedure for the registration of “FUNDERY” LLC has been completed. The CEO — Lanchev Eduard;
  • july 2017 — the first round of attracting investments into FUNDERY has been completed. Guarantees from investors on the initial investment were received;
  • july 2017 — the team decided to organize a company with the same name for the business implementation of the global ecosystem.

Philosophy and mission

The FUNDERY’s task is to change the world through collective intelligence.

The FUNDERY’s projects combine the concept of a unified global FUNDERY EcoSystem based on and transparent collective decision-making in any sphere of the economy and life.

The FUNDERY’s team aims to anticipate global trends, actively participate in development of innovative thoughts, improve usual institutions of financial and economic spheres through the use of the collective intelligence phenomenon and modern technologies.